Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pantheon Magazine Review

Check out this lovely Pantheon Magazine review of Echo Lake:

"As a work of mystery, Echo Lake is as interested in the whydunits as it is the whodunits. The lake itself exhales both a literal and metaphorical fog, one that implies cause as well as conceals truth. Few are immune to its draw; fewer still to its murderous influence. Past and present crimes braid together in a way that stops time and denies exceptionality, and this is one of Echo Lake’s great accomplishments: it speaks of the violence and umbrage between and within families as a cyclical constant, doomed to repeat itself if never addressed. It takes its time doing this, but with Trent’s clean but elegiac prose (she’s an established poet), the scenery on the journey is always intriguing, rich, alive. Think the secret lovechild of Flannery O’Connor and James Dickey." 

Buy Echo Lake from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or at your local store--check out Indibound for local retailers. 

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